What Law Is

Laws are made in order to provide a structure to a society in the face of mayhem, bad manners and inappropriate behavior by its citizens. Lawyers are trained individuals who study the laws of the land, and help people in a society weave their way through all of the laws that are enacted.

In the United States, most of the people in the legislature, or the governmental bodies who make and pass the laws, are lawyers. Is it any wonder that we have more and more laws piling up on us each and every year?

Lawyers prosecute and defend people under the law which in our system of doing things lawfully, allows for a prosecutor and a defensive stance in court. The prosecutor will bring a case to court and will be accusing a defendant who, in turn, will be represented by a defense lawyer.

Each side will have evidence, testimonies and circumstantial evidence to back up their claims so that their attorneys can prove their case. The law, and the interpretation of the law will be argued in court, and the outcome will be decided either by a judge or by a jury.

There are laws that apply to property rights, marital rights and divorce, business agreements, criminal charges, and estate issues. There are also laws that have to do with injury caused by another party, either willfully or by accident. There are complex laws and simple laws. Traffic laws regulate the ebb and flow of traffic and all of these laws are interpreted, prosecuted and defended by lawyers.

Lawyers go to law school, after obtaining a 4 year college degree, to receive a Juris Doctor degree which qualifies them to practice law and appear in court as a lawyer. As a lawyer, an individual can represent a party legally and either prosecute, defend or work in other legal capacities that a lay person cannot.

Lawyers must constantly keep up to date on the laws, as they are subject to change or be added to whenever a new legislature convenes at the Federal or the state level. Sometimes laws can be ambiguous and need to be interpreted in court by lawyers bring a case to be decided upon. Sometimes  if a law is ambiguous it needs to be tested in court and then its meaning can be noted for further reference. In this way, society can be protected and will have boundaries and limits from which it can function.

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